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The Alliance Publications

The International Travel Writers Alliance has a growing portfolio of publications that are all geared to providing key information in a no frills format to professionals who travel to write, broadcast or create images.

Syndication Network

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The Alliance Syndication Network

The Alliance Syndication Network enables journalists with online travel magazines, features or blogs to syndicate these through other members in of Syndication Network.

This can greatly increase the reach of those features produced by Syndication Network members.

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The Alliance Bulletin

Opinion Forum
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The Alliance Bulletin

The Alliance Bulletin is the Alliance’s twice-monthly publication providing travel journalists with a wide range of information from travel partners and agencies.

The bulletin is emailed to all Alliance members and archived online.

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AllWays Traveller

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AllWays Traveller

AllWays traveller is the Alliance's online consumer travel magazine. AllWays features are also produced in a format for use on smart phone and tablet.

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The Alliance

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AllWays traveller

The Alliance

The Alliance's online consumer travel magazine

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